What is Sugar Reef Bequia?

Sugar Reef Bequia is a boutique hotel on a historic coconut plantation. Our guests enjoy the rustic splendor of a traditional haute Caribbean lifestyle.

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What is the French House?

The French House is a hillside great house built on the foundation of an 18th-century French plantation house. It has five guest rooms, an enormous wrap-around veranda, a great room, and a courtyard with a saline plunge pool —providing many places to relax. The great room has a selection of books, puzzles, and games.

See the “French House” page for further details.

If we stay at the French House, can we eat there?

We serve complimentary continental breakfast daily on the veranda at the French House and stock an honor bar in the great room. French House guests may also cook for themselves in the French House’s fully equipped Caribbean kitchen and use the outdoor grill.

How big is the pool at the French House?

The small saline plunge pool is 7 feet by 15 feet.

What are your payment and cancelation policies?

Please see the “Policies” page for further details.

How do we get to Bequia?

Please see the “Travel” for further details.

What is the weather like in the winter season?

Bequia’s weather is always beautiful. Daytime temperatures are consistently between 26°C (79°F) and 30°C (86°F). You can expect clear sunny skies, good sailing breeze, low humidity, and minimal rainfall.

Is it always raining during the summer season?

The warmer, summer months of May to November are a mixture of cooling showers, sunshine, and light breeze, with the occasional refreshing downpour. The island is actually fully dependent on rainwater, so the arrival of the “rainy” season is always a welcomed blessing!

Bequia is far south in the hurricane belt, and although tropical storms will occasionally approach in the peak months of August to October, most disturbances either pass to the north or dissipate before they reach the Grenadines Islands.

Is the beach at Sugar Reef swimmable? How far are the closest beaches?

The closest beach is right on our estate, however, it is mostly swimmable December through February. During the rest of the year, it is often covered with Sargassum seaweed.

The good news is that Bequia has several beautiful white sandy beaches around the island. Only a quick 10-15 minute drive from Sugar Reef, the most popular ones are Princess Margaret Beach, Lower Bay, and Friendship Bay.

Are there restaurants nearby?

There are many great restaurants on Bequia within a couple of miles of Sugar Reef. We will gladly share our recommendations with you when you arrive. 

Is it easy to get a taxi?

Yes, there are many taxis in Bequia — usually converted pickup trucks with benches and an awning over the truck bed. They charge a flat fee of US$13 to or from Port Elizabeth, which is two miles away.

Do we need to rent a car?

You can rent a car if you want to be out and about frequently enjoy the freedom of having a car. Let us know and we can arrange an SUV and a local driver’s license through one of several small local rental companies.

However, you don’t necessarily need a car. Most guests just simply take taxis to get to other restaurants or beaches and many of them occasionally walk to explore the small island.

Should we bring cash with us?

The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) which is tied to the US dollar at US$1 to EC$2.67. Most restaurants and stores accepts major credit cards and all businesses and taxis will accept US$ cash, normally at an exchange rate of EC$2.60. We do recommend bringing US cash with you considering that you will be staying on a tiny island where paying with credit cards or taking cash out of the ATM sometimes has its challenges. It is always good to have some emergency cash with you.

What is the voltage in Bequia?

Electricity in Bequia is 220 volts with standard British 3 pin sockets. Universal adapters are available at Sugar Reef upon request.

May I run, walk, or hike nearby?

Yes! There is an excellent running and walking path within the estate and along the road on our side of Bequia, where it is exceptionally peaceful, lush, and unspoiled. There is also a half-day “ramble” through the forest to Bequia Head, a stunning lookout point. We recommend you hire a guide for long off-road hikes.

May we bring our kids?

Our hotel is for adults (18 and over) only. To preserve a romantic ambiance for our honeymooning guests, we do not allow children to stay. We make exceptions only in case of an exclusive rental of the entire French House or all 3 beachfront rooms at the Beach House.

Our waterfront restaurant, Sugar Reef Café, is open to the public. Families, as well as children, are welcome to join us for dining and beach time.

Do the rooms have air conditioning units?

Our windward side of Bequia is cooled by trade winds year-round. All Sugar Reef Bequia’s rooms have lots of ventilation and mosquito nets over the beds. Each of the eight rooms has a ceiling fan. In addition, standing fans are available upon request.

We have one room on the property with an air conditioning unit, the Secret Guest room in the French House.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not allowed indoors. Smoking is allowed outdoors, including on the verandas. We do ask that you’re respectful of the other guests around if you do choose to smoke.