French House panoramaWelcome to Sugar Reef Bequia!

Our sprawling 65-acre coconut plantation is nestled between a breathtaking bay and a lush forest. The bay has a quarter-mile-long beach overlooking some of the Grenadine Islands. The forest is over 600 acres of uninhabited tropical Caribbean forest (great for hiking). Let the abundant natural beauty and the luxurious views flood your senses. 

Aside from our little slice of heaven, there’s the rest of Bequia and St. Vincent & the Grenadines to explore. In this island chain, you’ll find plenty of unspoiled vibrant reefs, isolated islets, pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, and a wide variety of tropical birds, flora, and fauna. There’s even a volcano – that’s still active!

French House hammock

The uniquely-Caribbean character of Sugar Reef Bequia (and of Bequia, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines in general) is exotic and off-the-beaten-path, a tremendous feat in this day and age.

Sugar Reef Bequia is not some sterilized hotel plopped on a mountain. It elegantly maintains the sumptuous traditional Caribbean luxury of being open to the sweeping views, the breeze, and nature. You’re absolutely engulfed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the lush greenery surrounding you at this hotel on the quieter side of Bequia.

  • Wake up to the crashing of waves and chirping of exotic birds
  • Enjoy your fresh catch-of-the-day while you watch a lizard scurry across the balcony columns
  • From the wrap-around veranda, sip a rum punch while you watch the skies light up and change from iridescent blue to warm orange to midnight purple to electric pink and finally to the dark night sky dotted with dazzling stars 

Beach House decor

The estate has an 18th-century water well and is designed with British Caribbean antique furniture that recalls the early European colonists. In contrast, the more modern Beach House has been designed and decorated with inspiration from the European jet-setters who rediscovered the Caribbean in the ’50s and ’60s (including the James Bond creator, Ian Fleming). Both the French House and the Beach House have been designed to transport you to a carefree Caribbean existence.

Our Beach House is open seasonally from Christmas to Easter. It contains the Great Hall, which holds the Sugar Reef Café, a full bar, and a calming lounge area. There are also three beachfront rooms that share a private garden, only steps away from the ocean.

Mirror in French House

Our French House is open all year round. Take the dreamy few-minute drive from the Beach House up to the hillside. The French House boasts commanding panoramic views of Crescent Beach, Industry Bay, and the nearby Grenadines. There’s a refreshing saline plunge pool, wrap-around veranda, a self-serve honor-bar, and an open-air great room complete with books and games (all exclusively for the French House guests). 

All of the guest rooms are adorned with an eclectic selection of antique, vintage, and contemporary Caribbean-style furniture. Each room has mahogany four-poster beds, draped with nets and the sumptuous all-cotton percale linens will have you sleeping so comfortably.

Immersing yourself in the panoramic views of the picturesque Grenadines and the estates’ rustic splendor could be just what you need. 

If you’d like to take it easy and spend your entire vacation in Bequia on our grounds – great. Sugar Reef Bequia has an on-site beachfront café, several comfortable lounging areas, and eight distinctive guest quarters. 

Beach House at Sugar Reef Bequia

If you’d like more action and adventure, there are plenty of activities to do at the hotel, on Bequia, and elsewhere in the Grenadines. Look through our “Activities” page to see what we have to offer.

Again, the immersive nature of Sugar Reef Bequia (and the island of Bequia in general) may not be for you. To get a better sense of what you’ll experience while here, we recommend looking through our site, taking the “Go or No Test” and reading what others had to say in the press and on TripAdvisor. To learn more about the island of Bequia, feel free to read these: Bequia Tourism Association and Ins & Outs of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (If you’ve never been to Bequia before, please refer to our “Travel” page for important flight and ferry information.) 

Also, for answers to commonly asked questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page.

Emmett the owner reading in his house

We look forward to welcoming you to Sugar Reef Bequia.


See you soon,

Emmett Pace & Judit Szep

Owner & Manager


Design team: Jonathan Berger and Heather Evans, interior design; Amy Bothwell, graphic design; Ben Forgey, driftwood artist.

Photography: Wilfred Dederer, Erica Virvo, Zach Stovall from Islands Magazine, and Maryal Miller Carter from Love+Specs.