Bequia is one of the Grenadine Islands located in the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Most of the charm of Bequia lies in the fact that it’s lesser-known and not heavily touristic. However, since the island’s population and tourism industry is relatively small, you’ll have to make sure you plan your transportation to and from the island accordingly.

We’ve mapped out a few different ways for you to reach us.


Plane Only (via Barbados or St. Lucia)

Most international visitors arrive at our small island by flying through either Barbados Airport (BGI) or St. Lucia Airport (UVF) with flight connections directly to Bequia Airport (BQU) via SVG Air, Mustique Airways, or Grenadines Air Alliance.

This is the easiest, most hassle-free way to get to the island. Please note that these small inter-island airlines do not participate in international reservations systems, so you have to contact them directly to arrange your flights.

From Bequia Airport, we will send a taxi to pick you up and drive you to the Sugar Reef Bequia. There are no other ways to get to our hotel from the airport.


Plane & Ferry (via St. Vincent)

If you’re looking for a less expensive — more adventurous — option, you can fly into the mainland of St. Vincent and take the ferry to Bequia. 

The airport that you would fly into on St. Vincent is called the Argyle International Airport (AIA). This is actually the newest international airport in the Eastern Caribbean. There are weekly scheduled flights from Miami via American Airlines, from New York City via Caribbean Airlines, and from Toronto via Air Canada. LIAT Airlines offers daily inter-island flights from several nearby Caribbean Islands like Trinidad, Grenada, St Lucia, Martinique, and others.

From the airport, you’ll take a 45-minute taxi ride to the ferry terminal in the capital, Kingstown. Taxis are ready and waiting for you no matter what time you land in St. Vincent. The price for the ride to the ferry terminal is regulated and costs US$30, which can only be paid in cash.

This option needs to be planned with the ferry schedule in mind as the last ferry departs to Bequia at 6 p.m. The schedules for the St. Vincent – Bequia ferry service can be found here.



Since Bequia is a bit harder to get to, you’ll want to book your tickets strategically. It’s best if you follow the steps below when planning your travel: 

  1. Contact Sugar Reef Bequia to make sure there is space when you’d like to stay.
  2. Contact an airline to book your inter-island flights to find out if they have seats available on your desired travel dates. Generally, international flights connect TO Bequia in the late afternoon and you can fly FROM Bequia in the mornings. If direct flights from Barbados or St. Lucia are not available, look into alternative routes or consider staying overnight in Barbados or St. Lucia and flying the next day, either directly to Bequia or via LIAT Airlines to St. Vincent’s SVD and then taking the ferry.
  1. Book your long-haul international flight to Barbados or St Vincent, once you have found inter-island flights.
  2. Book your inter-island flight, once you’ve booked your long-haul international flight (book your overnight hotel if you must stay somewhere else while in transit).
  3. Confirm your stay at Sugar Reef Bequia.